Federal Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Most crimes involve violation of state law. These criminal acts will be tried in state court. However, some crimes are tried in federal court. Crimes that are tried in federal court may involve acts that occurred in multiple states, acts that occurred on federal land, tax fraud, mail fraud, and immigration and customs violations. Some types of fraud and white collar crimes are prosecuted in federal criminal courts. If you are facing criminal charges, the courts are different than state courts, the judges are different, the prosecutors are different, and the procedures may be different. Federal cases tend to be under investigation for longer periods of time than state crimes, and these investigations may be long-lasting. Federal criminal charges are serious and can result in prison time, a criminal record, and other major consequences. Federal judges use federal sentencing guidelines which can be very strict. Michael D. Weinstein, P.A. is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida federal criminal attorney who assists individuals facing a range of federal criminal charges.

What is the Difference Between State Crimes and Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes generally are crimes that involve national concerns. These crimes can involve multiple states. For example, interstate drug trafficking could be considered a federal crime. Crimes committed against the government—like tax fraud—are also classified as federal crimes. Crimes committed on federal property will also be under federal jurisdiction. For example, a crime committed in a national park or on federal land can be classified as a federal crime.

Even very serious crimes, like rape, murder, and arson may be classified as state crimes, and not as federal crimes. States have laws against these crimes and can prosecute an individual on these charges in state courts. Federal crimes, on the other hand, involve the federal court system. Federal judges are appointed by the president to life-long terms and federal crimes are investigated by the Government.

In some instances, federal sentencing can be much more severe than state sentencing. For instance, mandatory minimum sentencing for federal crimes may be much more serious than drug sentencing at the state level. If you are facing charges for federal drug crimes, charges for federal white collar crime, or other charges at the federal level, you need a federal criminal lawyer working on your side. Michael D. Weinstein, P.A. is a federal criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can protect your rights during the sometimes lengthy federal trial process.


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    What to Do If You are Under Investigation by the Government? 

    Most people learn that they are under investigation by the Government when the agency calls them in for questioning or when agents arrive at their front door or place of business. Federal investigators can use a wide range of techniques and tactics to investigate crimes. The Government can perform physical surveillance, monitor a person’s online activity, review a person’s tax returns and bank accounts, issue search warrants, and in some cases, even wiretap a phone or wire an informant.

    Individuals are often informed that they are under investigation when they receive a “target letter.” The target letter may warn individuals against destroying evidence. Many individuals seek the counsel of a federal criminal attorney after receiving a target letter. Michael D. Weinstein, P.A. is a federal criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can provide guidance if you are under federal investigation. These charges are serious. However, being under investigation is not the same as being charged, and being charged is not the same as being found guilty. You are innocent until proven guilty. Michael D. Weinstein, P.A. can help you protect your rights.