Auto collisions are much common in this modern era. Accidents are the unfortunate part of life which leads to various serious consequences. Both the card driver and cyclist get injured as a result of car and bicycle collision.


Car And Bicycle Collision At Intersection:

Bicyclists are at a great risk of being hit by a car, especially at the intersection point. Primarily, the accident of a car and bicycle takes place when the speed of a bicycle is underestimated by a car. It is quite often that cars do not expect a vehicle like a bicycle on the road. The cyclist has to be cautious and take extra precautions at the intersection in order to prevent the auto collision.


  • Cyclists need to ride defensively
  • Cyclists need to enhance the visibility of their bicycle
  • Learning emergency maneuvers are of great significance in order to prevent accidents.

The visibility can be enhanced by wearing reflective clothes. Wearing the brightly colored or reflective clothes can play a great role in avoiding bicycle and car collision. Using the rear and front lamps is another way of increasing the appearance of bicycles on the road.


Drastic Outcomes of Bicycle Collision In Long Beach:

The drastic outcomes of car and bicycle collision may occur due to the negligence of cyclist and driver. Violating the traffic rules risks the lives of people on the road and results in an auto collision. It is the duty of all the people on the road, no matter either they are driving the car or riding a bicycle, to follow the traffic rules. Auto accidents can be avoided when every individual fulfills his responsibility. The drastic outcomes of a bicycle and car collision are injuries, fractures, disabilities and loss of life. In addition to this, the crash results in damage to both the vehicles.

  • Brain Injury:

TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a quite common consequence of this accident. Mild injuries to the brain are healed in a few weeks. Bed rest and medication are enough to treat it while in case of severe head injuries, many of the motor functions of a body are impaired such as vision, speech, emotional control, memory, and concentration.

  • Fractures:

When a bicycle is hit by a car, then the cyclists often get fractures. The most common fractures are experienced on the hand, foot, leg or facial fracture.

  • Back Injuries:

Serious consequence seen due to this unpleasant incident is spinal cord injury. The quality of life is diminished due to back injuries. In some cases, it leads to the paralysis and disability.

  • Leg Injury:

Wounds, fracture, muscle damage and abrasion or in some severe cases twisting or ligament damage of leg is seen. Leg injuries restrict the patient movement and enforce him to be bed-ridden.

  • Foot Injuries:

Foot injuries are quite common by the collision of car and cycle. Besides the bleeding and abrasions to the foot, the sprains and fractures are also seen on the feet, ankles, and toes.

  • Death:

Death is an irreparable loss which cannot be reverted at all. It is a heart-wrenching circumstance when a person loses his life as a result of auto accident.

Lawsuits allow the victim to seek justice and compensation for the injuries and loss. Consult bicycle vs  car accident attorneys Fontana at to claim for the drastic outcomes of car and bicycle collision.

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