If there’s one thing we known about being criminally charged, it’s that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. And the only sure way to remain innocent is when you are represented by an experienced defense attorney like Michael D. Weinstein, Esq. Here’s a look at one of the cases defense attorney Michael D. Weinstein recently took on which shows the true benefits of having a legal representative working on your side when faced with criminal charges in the state of Florida.

Watch the video from NBC here https://www.nbcmiami.com/investigations/Davie-Co-Workers-Confront-Wolf-in-Sheeps-Clothing-509992611.html

When fingers are being pointed at you and accusations are being thrown around that could cause you to spend time in jail and/or having to pay a significant amount in fines and court fees, it is essential you retain an aggressive and skilled lawyer who is going to stand by your side and defend your rights and freedom. That is what attorney Michael D. Weinstein is doing right now for his client Charles Mosley.

Here’s a brief overview of the case.

After being hired by Bill Wolf, owner of the home improvement store Wolf in the Woods located in Davie, Charles Mosley began his role as a bookkeeper for the company and was given the responsibility of “recording invoices, paying vendors, collecting money from clients, keeping the books up-to-date,” etc. [Source: NBC Miami]. After being employed at the Wolf in the Woods establishment for a few months, Mosley found himself in a predicament any employee would dread—he had been accused of stealing. The accusations came after office manager Jennifer Medina grew suspicious “of some things Mosley was saying and doing.” That prompted her to have owner Bill Wolf conduct a background check of their own despite the background check Mosley provided the company with when he was initially hired.

Following the background check, Wolf claimed he uncovered some information about Mosley that hadn’t been disclosed before. For example, the check revealed that Charles’ first name was actually Robert and that the ID he provided “showed that the photo, date of birth, and weight had been altered.” Wolf is also claiming that Mosley “had been writing duplicate checks to the same vendor to pay an invoice” and alleged that he would “send one to its intended recipient and deposit the other into his own account.”

To make matter worse for Mosley, the background check also revealed that “Mosley is currently facing theft and money laundering charges in Broward County” and “has been accused of taking more than $125,000 from Fort Lauderdale Mount Bethel Baptist Church,” reported the news source. When confronted by Wolf and others in a conference room, Mosley denied stealing anything from the company and left. That is when the owner and his office manager took it upon themselves to look through Mosley’s briefcase he had left behind. Inside of it, the two claim they recovered “copies of company checks and deposit receipts that show he deposited two checks into his bank account.”

Wolf is alleging his losses are in excess of $10,000 and is attributing this to Mosley. Mosely has not yet been charged with any crime in connection with Wolf’s allegations. Thankfully, Mosley has taken it upon himself to retain legal counsel so that he stands a chance at not being convicted of a crime he merely has been accused of committing.


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